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Our Products

Lender Machine

It is a system built to result in paying Lenders (customers who lend money to GISA Investment ltd) in a very fast way, and grouping funds to be invested in important projects.

GISA Energy

GISA Investment ltd will use affordable natural gas fueled by bio gas from human waste and produce green energy. . The machines are known as “the CUBE”,


GISA Stay is determined to make comfortable and easier to stay in Kigali for tourists with limited means, who cannot afford hotels, and expensive hostels.


  • All Mobile money subscribers in Rwanda

  • Tourists interested in comfortable and cheap stay in Kigali

  • REG (for energy used on the National Grid)

Who We Are


Investing, that’s a word most people have heard but they do not feel part of it. Conventional thinking hasit that to be an Investor you need a certain level of education, or a certain understanding of the market, otherwise, you would lose your money, which is why the common man never invests.That is why GISA INVESTMENT is here, to make investment process easier, faster and risk free to asmany people as possible, and there is no need for a follow up, nor to own an enormous capital.We believe that this opportunity of having your money working seriously for you, should not belong onlyto those who understand how and where to invest but to “everyone”.

Our Partners

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These Are Our Foundations

Customer Obsession
He is at the center of everything we do and from that, we focus on him rather than on the competitor. He inspires us to innovate & pioneer.
Grouping Money Power
Large businesses enjoy this advantage due to large quantities of money grouped . They enjoy large discounts from buying inputs, such as raw materials and machines in bulk.
No Project Cannot Be Funded
we believe that there is no project that cannot be  funded if we make the whole world invest in it.
Contact Us
Location: Plot 069, KG 239 ST Kimironko – Kigali – Rwanda
P.O Box: 3532 Kigali-Rwanda
Tel: +250 785 356 924 / +250 783 552 733